A radical shift in lunch-making: hot lunch!

After a long absence from documenting my school lunches, I have returned to share my experience with packing hot lunches. Hot lunches? What?! I’ve been packing lunches and snacks for at least a decade but, for some reason, I never tried using an insulated container to pack warm food. I don’t know why—maybe because it’s rarely cold in this part of California. I also typically pack lunches the night before and making a hot lunch requires a level of morning productivity that I don’t always have. However, if the kids ask for the occasional hot lunch, who am I to deny them just because I’m not a morning person?

I decided to test out our new Themos containers with a kid favorite: mac and cheese with peas. When I asked them if their mac and cheese was hot at lunch, their response was: “um, I forgot.” Next, I tried heating up their favorite Progresso soup in the morning and, this time, they assured me that the soup was nice and warm at lunch time. So far so good. Then I tried packing Cup Noodles with edamame and a little seaweed sesame seed sprinkle on top. They loved it! But, the most popular Thermos lunch was yesterday’s serving of leftover pad see ew from our favorite Thai Restaurant, Thai Boat.

Overall, I’ve been pleased with these insulated containers. They hold 16 ounces which is a good size for bigger kids (mine are 12 and 9). They also have a handy fold-up spoon that tucks into the lid. It is recommended that you pre-warm the containers by filling them with hot water, which I’ve been doing.  Because I don’t totally trust my kids conception of “hot”, I packed myself some homemade soup one day for lunch. When I took off the lid, the soup was steaming. Very satisfying!