Lunch Container 4.0 and a Fancy Sammie

lunch on 6 Sept 2016: lamb and mint jelly sandwich with berries and Goldfish/TJ's Candy Coated Chocolate Drops mix
lunch on 6 Sept 2016: lamb and mint jelly sandwich with berries and Goldfish/TJ’s Candy Coated Chocolate Drops mix

Well, it’s another school year and another opportunity to try out a new lunch container. I feel like I’ve tried every lunch container under the sun. Way back during the preschool days, I started packing lunch in:

The Planetbox

lunch on 22 Mar 2016: berry yogurt with oats, mini peanut butter and Nutella sandwich, veggies and crunchy cinnamon apple sticks
yummy lunch in a Planetbox

The Planetbox is a great stainless steel lunch container. The Planetbox itself is not leak-proof, but you can get large and small round containers that seal tight for dips, yogurt, pudding, juicy fruit salads, and the like. I think the separate compartments encourage you to pack well-balanced, healthy lunches with lots of variety. The Planetbox is also very easy to open, which is great for preschoolers and younger kids. The downsides are price and weight: the Planetbox is very expensive and it’s also really heavy. Now that my kids are older and biking to school with backpacks filled with big binders and books and a water bottle, it’s a challenge to carry all that weight. Last year I also started having my kids wash out their lunch boxes after school. My son complains that it’s hard to wash out the Planetbox, especially if you use the separate containers. In addition, you pretty much have to buy the Planetbox insulated bag, because the container doesn’t fit in a standard lunch bag.

The Fuel Bento Box

lunch on 27 Jan 2016: fruit salad with homemade bread courtesy of Grandma, cucumber/tomato/sausage salad and a cookie
a fun lunch in the Fuel lunch box

Another container I’ve tried is the Fuel Bento Box, which I bought at Target. I got the Fuel lunch box because it has separate compartments like the Planetbox and I thought it might be a little lighter since it’s plastic. The Fuel lunch box has an outer container with two separate inner containers. The lids of the two separate container are really easy to open and the separate outer container makes the whole box leak-proof. The size is definitely larger than the Planetbox Rover—it’s targeted more toward adults than kids. The biggest downside to the Fuel is that all the separate containers and lids make it a real pain in the butt to wash everyday. The size is also a little bulky compared to the typical kid’s insulated lunch bag. And, it’s still pretty heavy.

Random Containers

lunch on 4 May 2016: pumpkin muffins with yogurt and granola, apples, carrots and tomatoes
a delicious lunch in plastic and stainless steel containers

Some time last year, the kids lobbied for sack lunches with separate containers. I guess they were tired of bento-style lunches. They just wanted things they could pull out of their lunch sacks individually. We have a drawer with a gazillion little containers, so that wasn’t a problem. Packing lunch this way is fine, but I feel like it requires a little bit more work to plan out the individual portions and to figure out which containers will work for which foods. And, then, there’s clean-up. If you’re washing by hand like the kids do, there are lots of little pieces to wash. However, using little containers like this, especially plastic ones, makes for a lighter lunch bag.

Easy Lunchboxes

my new set of Easy Lunchboxes
my new set of Easy Lunchboxes

Enter Easy Lunchboxes. Since I’m an obsessive lunch packer and I’m continually in search of ideas for school lunches, I’ve seen lots of Easy Lunchboxes out there on the interwebs. Last week I decided to order a set to see how they go over with the kiddos. Easy Lunchboxes come in packs of four and they are quite inexpensive ($13.75 US for a set of four). They are plastic and lightweight, but they feel fairly sturdy. The lids are easy to pop off, but the containers are not leak-proof—although you can get separate mini containers from Easy Lunchboxes that seal tight for dips and such. My main rationale for getting yet another set of lunch containers is that I wanted something both easy to pack and easy to clean. I also wanted to lighten the load of the kiddos’ ridiculously heavy backpacks. We’ll see how it goes.

But, back to today’s lunch. Can we just take a moment to salivate over this sandwich of leftover grilled lamb and mint jelly? Iain actually requested the lamb for dinner: that boy is a fancy pants when it comes to food. I only have myself to blame.

grilled lamb sandwich with mint jelly
grilled lamb sandwich with mint jelly

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