What’s in my Crock-Pot?

I love my Crock-Pot. It often saves my sanity at the end of a busy day that includes rushing around like a maniac in the morning, biking to school with the kids, teaching demanding college students, shuttling kids around to assorted lessons, and then bringing home said kids—who are especially ravenous after all that activity.

Since I use it almost every week, I have decided to introduce a new What’s in my Crock-Pot? feature to Love and Lunch. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite kid-friendly slow cooker recipes. Today, it’s turkey picadillo from Martha Rose Shulman at the NY Times. I browned the onions and meat before throwing everything in the Crock-Pot to simmer on low for several hours. Oh, and I added kale, because I add kale to everything.

turkey picadillo simmering in the Crock-Pot
turkey picadillo simmering in the Crock-Pot

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