• lunch on 29 Aug 2014: strawberry chia yogurt with banana zucchini bread Nutella sandwiches

    Strawberry Chia Yogurt with Banana Zucchini Bread Nutella Sandwiches

    0 standard
  • lunch on 28 Aug 2013: sausage panini with carrots, jicama, pretzels and crispy pea snacks

    Sausage Panini with Carrots, Jicama and Crunchy Snacks

    0 standard
  • lunch on 27 August 2014: hard-boiled egg, mini zucchini banana muffins, cheese, veggies and grapes

    Protein Power Snacky Lunch: Mini Zucchini Banana Muffins, Hard-boiled Egg, Carrot and Jicama Sticks, and Grapes

    1 standard
  • lunch on 26 August 2014: carnitas, carrots, garden tomatoes and tortilla chips

    Second Day of School and It’s Carnitas, Purple Carrots, Garden Tomatoes and Tortilla Chips for Lunch

    0 standard
  • First Day of School

    2 standard