Merry Christmas, Merry Gift-Giving

holiday teacher gifts: sweet snacking granola and world peace chocolate cookies

We’ve been busy elves this holiday season. We made teacher gifts for Iain’s ukelele teacher (world peace chocolate cookies—my new favorite), Lily’s dance teacher (more world peace chocolate cookies), the dynamic duo—Brooke and Kayla—my Zumba teachers (sweet snacking granola) and the kids’ school teachers (more sweet snacking granola).

teacher gifts: sweet snacking granola
teacher gifts: sweet snacking granola

I also found some adorable stamps on etsy to give to Lily’s kindergarten teacher and Iain’s third grade teacher.

super cute teacher stamps
super cute teacher stamps

For Santa, we decided he needed some health food along with his sweets (a small piece of Texas sheet cake!).

Lily with Santa's snack
Lily with Santa’s snack

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a delicious New Year!


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