What Happens at the End of the Week: Crazy Quesadillas

lunch on 25 Oct 2013: ham and potato quesadilla with sliced persimmons
lunch on 25 Oct 2013: ham and tater tot quesadilla with sliced persimmons

Just what makes these quesadillas crazy? Well, I’ll tell you. They have ham, fancy manchego cheese and smashed tater tots inside. That’s what happens at the end of the week: you have things like broccoli soup and tater tots for dinner, and you end up with little bits of random stuff in the fridge. Now, let’s get one thing straight: tater tots are not healthy. Consumption of tater tots—even ironic gourmet artisanal sweet potato varieties—should be limited. That being said, I hate to see a good tater tot—or any food item, for that matter—go to waste. That’s why I smashed up five tater tots and put them inside some quesadillas. What else could I do with five tater tots? That’s also why there is half a bread stick in this lunch.

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