• lunch on 19 June 2013: english muffin pizza with veggie sausage

    Food Adventures for the Week

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  • Iain digging into his spaghetti lunch

    Easiest Kid Lunch Ever: Leftover Spaghetti

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  • yogurt parfaits

    First Lunch of Summer Vacation: Parfaits and the Pool

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  • lunch on 12 June 2013: plain yogurt with fresh berries, Crazy Good Granola, carrots, peaches and a fancy chocolate

    Last Lunch of the School Year: A Summer Fruit Spectacular

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  • granola ready for gifting

    Teacher Gifts for the Most Awesome Teachers Ever

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  • lunch on 11 June 2013: salad of random stuff, cinnamon apple slices, cherries and strawberry cheese

    11 June 2013: Salad of Random Stuff and Other Goodies

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  • lunch on 10 June 2013: strawberry sandwich, clover sprouts, trail mix and sliced strawberries

    10 June 2013: Strawberries and More Strawberries

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  • lunch on 7 June 2013: pad thai with carrots, trail mix and strawberries

    7 June 2013: Slacker Mom Lunch

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  • lunch on the last day of 2nd grade: yogurt with honey and crazy good granola, hard boiled egg, edamame, and Nilla Wafer s'more

    Last Day of 2nd Grade Lunch

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  • lunch on 4 June 2013: potato quesadilla, pretzel fish and fruit

    4 June 2013: Potato Quesadillas, Pretzel Fish and Fruit

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  • family picnic lunch: ham and cheese sandwich, assorted nibblies

    3 June 2013: Family Picnic at School

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