• lunch on the last Friday of the school year: tuna salad sandwich, Goldfish trail mix and fruit

    31 May 2013: Tuna Salad Sandwich with Goldfish Trail Mix and Fruit

    0 standard
  • lunch on 30 May 2013: banana carob chia pudding with hard-boiled eggs and fresh farmers market fruit

    30 May 2013: Banana Carob Chia Pudding, Hard Boiled Eggs and Fruit

    0 standard
  • sack lunch with Pea Shooter illustration by Mom

    A Field Trip Plants Vs. Zombies Pea Shooter Sack Lunch

    0 standard
  • lunch on 28 May 2013: ham and cheese slider, Parmesan Goldfish, carrots, and strawberries

    28 May 2013: Ham and Cheese Slider

    0 standard
  • blueberry and Nutella stuffed french toast

    Friday “My Mom is Awesome Lunch”: Stuffed French Toast

    3 standard
  • a refreshing glass of orange strawberry ginger mint chia seed cooler

    Drink of the Summer: Chia Seed Cooler

    0 standard
  • lunch on 23 May 2013: hummus plate and tropical trail mix snacky lunch

    23 May 2013: Hummus Plate and Tropical Trail Mix Snacky Lunch

    0 standard
  • thick yogurt cheese

    How to Make Yogurt Cream Cheese

    2 standard
  • lunch on 22 May 2013: pizza roll and edamame quinoa salad

    22 May 2013: Pizza Roll, Edamame Quinoa Salad, and Fruit

    0 standard
  • lunch on 21 May 2013: tofu black bean burrito with chips and salsa

    21 May 2013: Tofu Black Bean Burrito with Chips and Salsa

    1 standard
  • mmm, green smoothie

    Anatomy of a Kid-Friendly Green Smoothie

    3 standard
  • lunch on 20 May 2013: turkey, cheese and pickle sandwich with fruit and veggies

    20 May 2013: Turkey, Cheese and Pickle Sandwich

    0 standard