• lunch on 30 April 2013: Cubano sandwich with Goldfish, dried apricots and fruit salad

    30 Apr 2013: Cubano Sandwich with Goldfish, Dried Apricots and Fruit Salad

    0 standard
  • LEGO cakes

    Epic Birthday Project: The LEGO Cake

    7 standard
  • lunch on 29 Apr 2013: bbq pork with roasted potatoes, crackers, veggies and apples

    29 Apr 2013: BBQ Pork with Roasted Potatoes, Crackers, Cheese, Veggies and Apples

    1 standard
  • lunch on 26 April 2013: nilla wafer sandwiches with sunflower seed butter and sliced apples

    26 Apr 2013: Nilla Wafer Sandwiches with Sunflower Seed Butter and Sliced Apples

    0 standard
  • lunch on 25 April 2013: smoked turkey and cheese panini

    25 Apr 2013: Smoked Turkey and Cheese Panini

    0 standard
  • Big Jar of Crazy Good Granola

    24 April 2013: Yogurt with Honey and Crazy Good Nut-Free Granola and Dried Blueberries

    6 standard
  • working from home lunch: one egg frittata

    23 Apr 2013: Leftover Lentil Spaghetti Two Ways

    0 standard
  • lunch on 22 April 2013: whole grain mac and cheese with a salami, Canadian bacon, and pickle mini-sandwich

    22 Apr 2013: Whole Grain Mac and Cheese with a Mini-Sandwich and Strawberries

    0 standard
  • pizza with kale and artichoke hearts

    Friday Night Pizza with Garden Fresh Toppings

    2 standard
  • raised bed with cilantro, spinach and strawberries

    18 Apr 1013: Tropical Chia Pudding and Garden of Edible Delights

    1 standard
  • quesadillas in a dry cast iron pan

    Edamame Quesadillas and Quesadilla Cooking 101

    0 standard
  • lunch on 17 April 2013: tuna melt muffins with cheese, crackers and sugar snap peas

    17 Apr 2013: Tuna Melt Muffins with Wheat Thins, Cheddar Cheese, Sugar Snap Peas and Strawberries

    0 standard