15 Mar 2013: Gnocchi Salad with Ham, Cheese and Olive Bread

lunch on 15 March 2013: gnocci salad and ham, cheese and olive bread
lunch on 15 March 2013: gnocchi salad and ham, cheese and olive bread

Last night I made gnocchi salad and a savory quick bread (with ham, cheese and black olives) for dinner. Today, Iain got gnocchi salad with the ham and cheese bread for lunch. I used this recipe as a starting point for the bread, but substituted white whole wheat  and spelt flour for the all purpose flour and used plain jane black olives instead of Niçoise olives. The bread is not the healthiest as it contains a whole stick of butter, but you could probably substitute coconut oil or olive oil. Quick breads are pretty forgiving this way. For fruit today, I packed some strawberries, chunks of white sapote, and dried mango. I also had some of the leftover gnocchi salad for lunch, and I think it was much better when it was served fresh at room temperature. The texture of the gnocchi seems to suffer after a night in the fridge. So, if you’re going to make a gnocchi salad, plan on eating it within a few hours of making it.

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