8 Feb 2013: Lunch with Lots of Options

lunch on 8 February 2013: lunch with lots of options
lunch on 8 February 2013: lunch with lots of options

This week the kiddos have been really unpredictable about what they have chosen to eat during lunch. So, today I decided to do a lunch with lots of options. There are little refried bean cheesy english muffin bites and some Greek yogurt with jam and a hard boiled egg and an overpriced over-packaged serving of mashed up fruit. I also threw in a baby carrot—a real baby carrot from the farmers market, not one of those fake-o, tasteless, mechanically produced baby carrots. I’m not opinionated about baby carrots or anything. The treat today is a few Valentine’s Day M&Ms, because I’m indulgent and I just love the colors of Valentine’s M&Ms.

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  1. I’m having hard boiled egg envy. It is the exception rather than the rule that when I cook eggs the yellow is so perfectly centered like yours are. Also it is not uncommon for the yolk to take on a dark color along the edge. This has to be more than just luck, you must have some secret to always get such consistent results.

    1. My understanding is that the dark circle around the yolk means that the egg is over-cooked. I’ve tried many different times for a hard boiled egg: everything from 9–17 minutes. I have settled on 15 minutes. I cover the eggs with cold water and then heat the water until it just starts to bubble (not a rolling boil). Then I turn the heat to the lowest setting, cover the pot, and set the timer for 15 minutes. When the time is up, I run the eggs under cold water to stop the cooking. This works for me, but I’m sure it depends on the pot, the stove, the altitude, the position of the stars, etc.

  2. That’s what I’ve been doing wrong, not running them under cold water to stop the cooking. So yes, I agree mine are probably overcooked. Happily, it’s just a cosmetic flaw and I haven’t poisoned anyone. Henceforth, there’s a cold bath finish in my hard boiled egg future.

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