17 Jan 2013: Mini Pita Pizza Bites

lunch on 17 January 2013: mini pita pizza bites
lunch on 17 January 2013: mini pita pizza bites

Mmm, look at those mini pita pizza bites. Trader Joe’s sells packages of mini whole wheat pitas, that are perfect for making little pizzas. The pitas have no preservatives, so then tend to get moldy after a couple of days. Instead of viewing this as an annoyance, I’ve come to accept it as a good thing and a small price to pay for a bread product that is preservative-free. I just pull the pitas apart and store them in the freezer. When the kids get a pizza craving, I take some pitas out and they thaw on the counter in a few minutes. The pitas are so mini, that I made two pita pizzas for each kiddo using leftover tempeh marinara sauce from dinner a few nights ago, and, because I’m fancy, fresh mozzarella on top. The veggies are farmers market produce at its sweetest: sugar snap peas and roasted beets. I roasted the beets on Saturday and we’ve been enjoying them in salads all week. The banana just makes this lunch especially colorful and photogenic: what a beauty!

On a side note, today is my mom’s birthday. My mom and her love of cooking and baking turned me into the food-obsessed maniac that I am today. I wish she was still here to help me come up with preschool snacks, assist me in my bread making efforts, and fix my failed sewing projects. I think I should bake a cake today in her honor.

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  1. This is how sentimental Katie is getting in her “old age” having just turned 29 a month ago. When last we spoke she was musing on how she felt like she should be sending a birthday card to her godmother this time of year. Every time someone calls her by her first name (which is usually on legal occasions) she says it reminds her of her dear godmother and it makes her smile. Your mother did spoil that child so it’s no wonder she is yet so fond.

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