10 Jan 2013: Veggie Guacanini

lunch on 10 January 2013: veggie guacanini
lunch on 10 January 2013: veggie guacanini

Last night we had veggies burgers with guacamole and crispy baked potato wedges for dinner. At the end of dinner, there was half a veggie burger and a few spoonfuls of guacamole leftover. Mashed veggie burger + guacamole + cheese + sesame wheat bun = veggie guacanini. I made this sandwich panini-style (hence the name) by grilling it in a cast iron pan with another cast iron pan of top. When I’m motivated, I love to make lentil burgers from scratch. This is the best veggie burger recipe I’ve found—the texture and flavor is robust and, dare I say, meaty. When I’m not motivated (like last night), I just get Dr. Praeger’s California Veggie Burgers, which are my favorite grocery story veggie burgers. For fruits and veggies today, I packed carrots, cucumbers, satsuma slices and blood orange slices. Before moving to California, blood oranges—like meyer lemons—were something I had only read about in books. My kiddos have no idea how lucky they are in the produce department.

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