8 Jan 2013: Greek Yogurt with Grape Nuts, Fruit and Honey

lunch on 8 January 2013: Greek yogurt with grape nuts and fruit
lunch on 8 January 2013: Greek yogurt with grape nuts, fruit and honey

Usually I try to make school lunches after dinner when I’m cleaning up the kitchen, so I can somewhat relax after I put the kids to bed. This is the plan anyways, although I don’t always accomplish it. Last night was one of those nights when I had to tell bedtime stories in the dark and then rouse myself to face the bright lights of the kitchen and lunch making. But the weird thing is, I often get energized by making lunch—especially if I don’t have a plan and I have to get creative. This lunch is one of those “let’s just find random stuff in the fridge and cupboards and see if a fun lunch can be made.” The round container has plan Greek yogurt with pineapple (canned, leftover from pizza night), frozen blueberries (I’m assuming they’ll be thawed by lunch), Grape Nuts and honey. Grape Nuts: I love ’em , but what a weird name as they contain neither grapes, nor nuts. Whatever. The roll ups are sunflower seed butter and boysenberry jam on a fancy schmancy whole wheat corn tortilla—”now softer and more foldable” according to the package. For veggies today, I packed carrot slices and pieces of mini dill pickles (in the adorable duck head shaped silicone bento container that Santa brought me for Christmas). After packing these lunches, my brain was fully operational again and I was able to catch up on four weeks worth of NY Times Book Reviews. I felt quite productive.

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  1. When we went to visit Katie in Texas before the holidays, I took her a jar of sunflower butter and no surprise it tastes just like sunflowers. She had already converted to almond butter instead of peanut butter so I don’t see Peter Pan ever seducing her in the future.
    I never understood the Grape Nuts cereal name either. Turn out the folks at Post gave this explanation: the cereal got its name due to its resemblance to grape seeds, or grape “nuts.”
    This certainly must have happened before they had a marketing department.

    1. I only started using sunflower seed butter in order to comply with the peanut-free policy, when Iain ended up in the “allergy room” in first grade. It’s not bad. Although to be completely honest, I still prefer the flavor of non-healthy JIF!

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