It’s Christmas Break! Festive Lunch

lunch on 21 December 2012: gingerbread man cristo sandwich and a graham cracker present
lunch on 21 December 2012: gingerbread man cristo sandwich and a graham cracker present

My daughter informed me that I really needed to make a special Christmas lunch since I had made a special Halloween lunch. Oh, the pressure! So, I thought about a Christmas-themed lunch and came up with the gingerbread man cristo sandwich. I had never even heard of a monte cristo sandwich until I was in my 20s and meet the amazing and talented Jason O’Malley. One day, he mentioned how much he loved the monte cristo sandwich. “Huh?,” I said. Then, he told me about the egg batter-dipped french toast style grilled ham and cheese sandwich. He blew my mind even further when he told me that the monte cristo sandwich is often served with grape jelly. What a flavor profile. Who came up with such an amazing concoction? For some reason, the monte cristo sandwich popped into my mind yesterday and here you have it: a gingerbread man shaped french toast sandwich with boysenberry jam on the inside (it’s not quite as complex as a true monte cristo, but I think the kiddos will still enjoy it). He has mini chocolate chip eyes and candy coated chocolate sunflower seed buttons (held on with royal icing, which may or may not make the trip to school). The Christmas gift is two graham crackers with sunflower seed butter in the middle and a fruit strip bow. The festive red and green dried apple rings from yesterday are making a reappearance. The rest of the lunch is pretty quotidian: sliced cucumbers and carrots.

I have two weeks off from school lunch making, so I won’t be documenting lunch everyday. However, I’ll be posting on various holiday foods we’re enjoying. Have a warm and happy holiday!

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