20 Dec 2012: Pinto Bean and Feta Quesadilla

lunch on 20 December 2012: pinto bean and feta quesadilla
lunch on 20 December 2012: pinto bean and feta quesadilla

Last night we had fish tacos made with grilled sablefish. Have you heard of sablefish? It’s also called black cod. I discovered it in the frozen section of Trader Joe’s a few month ago: beautiful, long, skinny fillets with the skin on. I love crispy fish skin, so I snatched up a packet of sablefish for grilling. And, oh my sweet Lord, is this fish good. It’s oily and mild and perfect for fish tacos. A little salt and pepper, oil on the skin, grill it skin side down for a few minutes, and you’re done. Three hours before you grill the fish (or the day before), start cooking a big pot of pinto beans. If you’re especially organized (I wasn’t last night), you’ll also make fresh pico de gallo and guacamole to go with your delicious fish tacos. I planned to make fish quesadillas for lunch today, but there wasn’t a single piece of fish left over after my fish-loving monsters devoured all of it at dinner. So, today’s main lunch item is a pinto bean and feta cheese quesadilla. There’s also a little salsa in there. On the side we have carrots, grapes, and dried apples. The dried apples were an experiment yesterday. They actually turned out pretty good, but the drying process takes a long time in the oven and they shrink a ton. I made some dipped in lemon juice and cinnamon. The other batch was dipped in green and red jello. I got the crazy jello idea here.

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