4 Dec 2012: Hummus and Cucumber Sandwich

lunch on 4 December 2012: hummus and cucumber sandwich
lunch on 4 December 2012: hummus and cucumber sandwich

Lately, I feel like Thanksgiving, family visits, and celebratory over-consumption in general have set us down a path of eating way too much meat, as well as, other items that should be consumed only in moderation. The holidays are dangerous. Things would be a little easier if we celebrated Thanksgiving in October like our sensible neighbors to the north. Oh well. Instead of moving to Canada, we’ll have to strive for a little self-control. Today’s antidote to heavy food is a hummus and cucumber sandwich on whole wheat skinny bread. I should definitely eat more skinny bread, as opposed to fat bread. Just sayin’. I sprinkled a little salt and pepper on the cucumber, because that’s how I like it. With the sandwich, I included some corn Chex, pretzels, strawberries, raspberries, and bunny grahams. What a lovely vegetarian lunch. It may even be vegan, but I’d have to check the labels of the bread, pretzels, cereal and bunny grahams. Umm, I won’t make any false claims until I do some pantry research.

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  1. As someone who has Thanksgiving in October, I quite like the nice long break between itself and Christmas. That being said, if I had orphaned Americans in my proximity, I’d probably round them all up and do a US Thanksgiving dinner for them! Love the antidote to heavy food – tasty!

      1. That it could. I think that being this side of the border is helpful with regards to the blogosphere – there are fewer Thanksgiving-friendly recipes around Canadian Thanksgiving to pop up on tastespotting etc., so while there’s a feast, it’s very do-able… 🙂

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