26 Nov 2012: Pumpkin Roll with Sunflower Seed Butter + Jam

lunch on 26 November 2012: pumpkin roll with sunflower seed butter + jam

After a frenzy of Thanksgiving cooking and eating, it’s somewhat nice to be back into the regular school routine. For Thanksgiving dinner I made 24 little pumpkin rolls and Iain went crazy eating them. So crazy, in fact, that I made another batch on Sunday. My mother was famous for her holiday potato buns, which were darn fine. I never had too much luck making my own version of mom’s potato buns; the dough was rather wet and finicky in my less experienced hands. Several years ago, I discovered these pumpkin rolls in a Sunset magazine and fell in love with them. They get a lovely yellow color from the addition of canned pumpkin puree,and the dough is very forgiving. In today’s lunch, I made pumpkin roll sandwiches with sunflower seed butter and blackberry jam, per Iain’s request. I also included a few slices of extra sharp cheddar. Fruits and veggies today are: carrots, cucumbers, raspberries (still available at the farmer’s market!), watermelon, cantaloupe, and grapes.

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