9 Nov 2012: Bacon Biscuits, Cheese, and Fruit

lunch on 9 November 2012
lunch on 9 November 2012

Today’s lunch is not quite as plant powered as yesterday’s, because, in a moment of weakness, I made bacon and cheese biscuits to go with last night’s vegetable stew. So, what you see in the image above is two adorable little bacon cheese biscuits. For a little extra protein, I threw in some sliced fresh mozzarella and extra sharp cheddar (there’s also a date in the cheese compartment). We’re still working our way through last weekend’s persimmons and apples from the farmers market. It’s officially crunchy fruit season. And, yes, our tomato plants are still producing. The treat today is a couple of Junior Mints; we’re also still working our way through the Halloween candy. Monday is a school holiday for the kids and I, so I’ll have a lunch making day off. Thank you Mom for giving birth to me on Veteran’s Day, so I get my own birthday holiday. And much more importantly, a heartfelt thank you to all veterans and especially Dad and Dad-in-law, who served their country in Vietnam. We are so, so grateful for you.

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