2 Nov 2012: Black Bean Quesadilla

lunch on 2 November 2012
lunch on 2 November 2012

This fun Friday lunch consists of: black bean quesadillas (made with a little leftover black bean soup from dinner), mini pretzels (Halloween treat), carrot slices, mushroom slices, grapes and dried apricots. I only had to make lunch for Lily today, because Iain had no school due to a teacher work day. Iain is also not a fan of mushrooms or dried apricots, so I didn’t have to worry about making substitutions for him. In general, I tried to make two identical lunches, because, it’s just easier that way.

Just a little note about black bean soup: my kids LOVE it. They love adding in shredded cheese, Greek yogurt, Chipotle Tabasco, avocado chunks, tortilla chips, etc. Whenever I make black beans for taco night, I usually have enough left over for a nice pot of soup. Black bean soup is the easiest: add a little veggie broth, salsa, ketchup (*secret ingredient), chili powder, cumin and some diced veggies. Yummy dinner in a bowl: a perfect Thursday night meal.

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