01 Nov 2012: Grilled Chicken, Cheese and Crackers

lunch on 1 November 2012
lunch on 1 November 2012

Lunch today is a little less elaborate than yesterday’s Spooktacular Halloween fun lunch. I threw this lunch together quickly, post trick or treating. I had some leftover grilled chicken which I shredded into small pieces. I also included sliced carrots, slices of sharp cheddar cheese and whole grain crackers. That gorgeous pile of fruit is a combination of plums, pluots, and oranges from our trees. We have so much Halloween candy that I quickly need to come up with a strategy to get rid of it. You can see some of it there in the treat compartment: [fruit-less, I’m pretty sure] Halloween fruit snacks.

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  1. We gave out those very same “fruit snacks”. The ingredients list did mention apple puree but far after gelatin and sucralose. Natural and artificial flavoring and coloring, so mostly just pretend fruit I suppose.

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