16 Oct 2012: Pinto + Feta Quesadilla

lunch on 16 October 2012
lunch on 16 October 2012

I was looking through some of my old Donna Hay cookbooks and I got the inspiration for today’s lunch. Donna Hay is kind of like the Australian Martha Stewart. I discovered her gorgeous cookbooks years ago when I was visiting my awesome friends Tom and Vaneeta in Queensland. I brought two cookbooks home and then a few years later, much to my delight, Donna Hay books started showing up at Barnes and Noble. This lovely quesadilla is from New Fast Food, which has a great little section on easy snack and lunch ideas. The quesadilla has pinto beans, feta cheese, mozzarella, and salsa (Donna calls this chili sauce, which I took to mean salsa); it’s cooked under weight (I used a small cast iron skillet) so the beans get nice and smashed and all the ingredients intermingle in a lovely way. The pinto beans were left over from a pot I cooked on Sunday, when we had grilled fish tacos. Veggies are tomatoes from our garden and carrots from the farmers market. The fruit tray has watermelon and grapes, also from the farmers market. The watermelon is dry farmed around here, which seems impossible but results in a super sweet melon.

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