03 Oct 2012: Smoked Turkey and Three Cheese Panini

lunch on 03 Oct 2012
lunch on 03 Oct 2012

Okay, so this sandwich is not technically a panini because it was grilled but not squished. I just like the sound of panini. And the three cheeses—cheddar, havarti, and gouda—(fancy, indeed) were left over from an art opening in my department. My mom grew up in Newfoundland and never wasted so much as a scrap of food. Although I’m not nearly as thrifty or as resourceful as mom was, I hate to see a perfectly good cheese tray go to waste. Unfortunately, we have a lot of little cheese squares to go through, hence, the fancy cheese sandwiches and the quesadillas we had for dinner last night. On the side of this melty mélange of cheese: carrots, cucumbers and grapes from the farmers market, and two little chocolate mints.

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