24 Sept 2012: BBQ Leftovers

lunch on 24 Sept 2012

When I was growing up, Sunday was barbecue day. When we lived in places like Southern California and Guam, the weather was conducive to Sunday BBQ year round. Not so in Nebraska. But, not matter, my dad would be bundled up, lighting the grill and smoking a cigar outside in the dead of winter. In retrospect, I wonder if Sunday BBQ was related to my dad’s desire for a weekly cigar indulgence. My mom had been a heavy smoker early in life and once she quit, she quit for good and couldn’t tolerate the smell of smoke at all. Hence, dad had to take his stinky cigars outside where the smell was somewhat masked by lighter fluid and burning charcoal (he eventually broke down and bought a gas grill which was much easier to light on Midwestern winter days).

Iain slicing grilled pork
Iain wielding a big knife to carve the grilled pork

So there you have it: the long story of why Sunday is still barbecue day in my house and why today’s lunch contains barbecue leftovers. The sandwich has sharp cheddar cheese and sliced pork roast. That’s a little container of scrumptious eggy potato salad (grandma’s contribution to Sunday BBQ) at the top. Since this meat and potatoes lunch is pretty heavy, I included lots of fruit—grapes, strawberries and watermelon—and threw in a baby carrot.

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