21 Sept 2012: Tuna Melt of Awesomeness

lunch on 21 Sept 2012
lunch on 21 Sept 2012

Yesterday’s Veggie-laden Tuna Salad of Awesomeness is back: this time in the guise of a tuna melt. I think a tuna melt is comfort food perfection. A normal person might make a tuna melt on an english muffin or a nice crusty piece of bread. Unfortunately, on Thursday I found myself out of bread. No loaves, no skinny breads, no english muffins, no biscuits. Nothing. My saving grace: a batch of no-knead whole wheat olive oil dough in the fridge. Have you tried no-knead bread? It’s amazing stuff. When my good friend, the talented and amazing Jason O’Malley told me about Healthy Bread in Five Minutes A Day, it changed my life. Now, I almost always have some bread dough on hand for pizzas, flatbread, rolls, mini tuna melts, whatever. For the tuna melt, I simple pinched off a small piece of dough, flattened it into a circle, spread on the tuna salad, topped with shredded cheddar and baked at 450 for about 15 minutes. On the side is some steamed broccoli I prepped for dinner and a fruit course of grapes and nectarines. All produce is from the farmers market, so it’s especially delicious. The broccoli tasted amazing without even a sprinkling of salt.

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