18 Sept 2012: Biscuit Crust Pizza

lunch on 18 Sept 2012
lunch on 18 Sept 2012

Who doesn’t love a biscuit crust pizza? It’s got that special hint of sweetness and is especially good for kids who like a softer crust. Flatten some biscuit dough, put a little marinara sauce and cheese on top, cook at 375˚ish and take it out when the aroma in the kitchen reminds you that you put a mini biscuit pizza in the oven. Mmm, call it good.

In addition to that delicious little pizza morsel, we have grapes, blueberries, carrots and strawberry applesauce + greek yogurt with a sprinkling of granola. Yesterday’s lunch also had a little container of strawberry applesauce and greek yogurt but I didn’t mix it up. See how it looks different? I’m a master illusionist. In the treat tray: those crazy sesame seed Somersaults.

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