7 Sept 2012: Guacamole Friday

lunch on 07 Sept 2012
lunch on 07 Sept 2012

Friday’s lunch always feels like a major accomplishment, because, well, we made it to Friday. Today’s festive Friday lunch is guacamole on whole wheat sandwich thins, pretzel thins + goldfish (there’s an unintentional “thin” theme going on here), and fruit (grapes, pluots and plums from the farmers market). Candy coated chocolate sunflower seeds are in the treat tray.

Cooking Tip: Guacamole is the easiest thing on earth if you have good, ripe avocados. Mash up an avocado with some salt. Done. If you want it to taste more exotic, mash up some chopped onions and cilantro with the salt. Then add the avocado. Or, forget the onion, it’s a pain to chop and makes you cry. Just add a garlic clove pressed through a garlic press. I never add lime juice to guacamole, unless I’m putting it in the kids’ lunches. In this case, I’ll squeeze a little lime juice into the mix to preserve the green color. Oh, yeah, sometimes I add a couple of grinds of black pepper. I’m crazy that way.

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