5 Sept 2012: Soy Love

05 Sept 2012 lunch
lunch on 05 Sept 2012

Today’s lunch is soy-licious. The main entree is a medley of cherry tomatoes (our garden), carrots (farmers market), edamame (Trader Joe’s frozen section), and teriyaki baked tofu cubes. The teriyaki tofu is from Trader Joe’s and comes pre-prepared, but I often make this by cutting a brick of extra firm tofu into four pieces and baking it in teriyaki sauce for about an hour (350˚ish). My kids love tofu—especially if it’s pan-fried or served in some yummy soy-based sauce. In the other compartments are: rice crackers + pretzel fish and blackberries + raspberries (farmers market). The treat is a rather decadent almond toffee dark chocolate drop.

preschool snack: cheddar cheese and zucchini pineapple muffins
preschool snack on 5 Sept 2012: cheddar cheese and zucchini pineapple muffins

Today, I was also in charge of Lily’s preschool class snack. Parents have to sign up for snack duty a couple of times per month. I usually try to bring some sort of whole grain baked item with fruit. We are also required to include a protein item in the snack. This time I made vegan zucchini pineapple whole wheat mini muffins. Man oh man, did these muffins turn out good. Sliced cheddar cheese and granny smith apples were also part of this snack. I try to prep and pack up everything for preschool snack the night before and slice/prep the fruit in the morning.

Cooking Tip: If you are looking to make vegan baked goods (because of allergies, health reasons, etc.), check out this vegan baking site. I’ve had really good luck with the recipes.

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  1. Love this blog Charmaine, I’ve been checking it daily. My snack day at Cruz’s preschool is tomorrow and fresh cut peaches, whole pitted olives and honey pretzel sticks are on the menu. Tonight I made your whole wheat english muffin pizza complete with fresh cut basil and the boys loved it! Thanks for sharing.

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