4 Sept 2012: English Muffin Pizza

lunch on 4 Sept 2012
lunch on 4 Sept 2012

Lunch today is pepperoni and basil (from our garden—the basil, not the pepperoni) pizza on a whole wheat english muffin. The portion of pepperoni is very small, because, let’s face it, pepperoni is a terribly unhealthy food that should probably never be served to children. It should probably never be eaten by anyone, anywhere. It’s an entry drug to fatty, cured meats. I’ll be working through this pepperoni guilt today, as my children enjoy its salty splendor.

At least we have veggies (tomatoes from our garden and snap peas and carrots from the farmers market) and fruit (grapes from the farmers market) to add some essential vitamins to this meal. The treat tray has a few chocolate rocks.

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