31 Aug 2012: Egg Salad

31 Aug 2012 lunch
lunch on 31 Aug 2012

It’s the end of the first full week of school. A milestone, indeed. Friday’s main lunch item is egg salad on whole wheat sandwich thins. Mmm, do I love a good egg salad. There’s a tiny bit left over for my lunch today.

You’ll notice a lot of sandwich thins in my lunches. These are a fabulous food invention. I find that sandwich thins provide a more appropriate portion for small children than thick slices of bread, unless the bread loaf is pretty small. Iain’s has red leaf lettuce from our garden; Lily still prefers hers without lettuce, I’m sorry to say. Lunch sides are sugar snap peas (farmers market), two small slices of aged cheddar, strawberries and grapes (also farmers market). It looks like one of those crazy candy coated chocolate sunflower seeds in trying to escape from the treat compartment.

*Lunch tip: I boiled four eggs on Monday, anticipating that I could get two lunches for two kids (i.e., four lunches) out of this. Actually, that’s not true. I boiled four eggs, because I had four eggs in the fridge. Whenever possible, prepare things that require cooking or longer prep in bulk (well, mini-bulk; we’re talking kid lunches here) to save time later in the week. 

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  1. Planet Boxes like Iain and Lily’s were on the Today Show this morning! They should have featured your blog in their segment on healthy kid lunches.

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